Sunday, October 17, 2010

Welcome to Amman!

Well, this is the first blog entry from the Reams family in Amman! I think this is probably the best way to communicate with everyone instead of sending 9 million individual emails!

We've been here just over a week now and are settling in..somewhat. The first shipment of our household goods should be here in a few days (HOPEFULLY) and the second shipment will still be at least another month or two. We can't wait for this first shipment to come, as it has all of our dishes/utensils/pots and pans, sheets, towels, pictures etc etc. It will really feel more like home once we have all those things. Our house is pretty nice, and a lot larger than the condos that both Brian and I have left behind in Nova. I counted - there are at least 21 different places to sit in in our apartment!!! Certainly feels palatial to us in that sense. It's also nice to have 2.5 bathrooms and a few spare bedrooms! That's for when you all come to visit us!

As I'm sitting here, our house is actually being painted. Anything beats those sterile white walls, so we are so excited to get some color into this home!

Our neighborhood is interesting. It's a very nice neighborhood in the sense that we live near other lovely apartment buildings and beautiful homes, but we still have herds of goats that sweep through the streets, which is a bit surreal. We have also seen the goats walking down the normal streets of Amman, which Brian likened it to seeing goats walk down Wilson Blvd in Clarendon! So weird!!

So far, we've just been trying to figure our way out around the city. Brian has started work and we are currently a one car household, so I stay home a lot with the pup! Thankfully, we have several friends of ours that were already here, and we've made some great new ones, which has helped the transition immensely. Nothing like seeing a friendly face in a strange place, that's for sure!

I am planning on getting a part time job (no clue what that will entail yet), but more importantly, I am planning on doing some volunteer work while here. There are numerous options for me, but I am interested in doing something with children/babies.

Thankfully, many things in our neighborhood are in English -- signs, labels, street names, which helps us so much. We went for cupcakes last night to a place that Brian actually read about in the NY Times and had a nice conversation with the owner who grew up around Americans and had a very American accent! We are also constantly on the lookout for the best shwarma around - which is essentially shaved chicken, beef or lamb in a pita with tahini sauce and pickles... fantastic mid east fare. You can get variations at home (Leb Taverna, anyone??), but everything seems to taste better locally!

That's about it for now. Off to roast 9 lbs of potatoes for a potluck dinner tonight. Have to give some love to one of my favorite websites -- will let you all know how they turned out!

Recipe here:

Much love to all of you - hope you had a wonderful weekend and that fall is in full bloom at home!


  1. Loving the blog Thera!!! I'm linking you on MY blog! :D I look forward to reading your blog all the time! Love ya!!!! Glad to see you're settling in over there!

  2. Great job filling us in! Love all the details since I'm not 4.5 hours away like I've been for 5 years!!!!!! ;>( Love that you are busy and I will read daily to keep up! Love, mom

  3. Great blog, Thera and Brian!
    As I read it, I cold actually smell Amman as well as hear all of the sounds, especially the adhān. It wakened me the first night but not after that. I grew to like it very much as it reminded me of God's protection and care. But not that first night!!!
    Let us know when you go shopping in the city and bargain for goods. I have a beautiful piece of material that I brought back and use for a table cloth!
    Love your time there and together!

  4. Miss you guys so much. So happy to hear you are settling in to Amman living. Looking forward to more posts about Jordan.

    In the meantime, stear clear of the goats!

    CMO and Aaron

  5. Nice blog. Glad things are going well! All is well here - pups are just a stitch and we are loving raising them these first 2 months. Hope you like your color choices for your place and yes, it will feel more like your own once you get your stuff there. Love you both, Mom R.

  6. So glad to see you will have a blog! Glad to hear you guys are settling in so far. Can't wait to follow your adventures!

  7. Cool thing doing the blog. Glad to see you're making progress. How is the entertainment? Movies/TV?

  8. Hey Thera - good to hear from you. You've been on my mind and I'm so happy to hear that you are settling in and getting comfortable in your new home. Looking forward to hearing all about what is happening with you and Brian! Take care!

  9. what goats on Wilson Blvd? Must be an inside joke & I am not on the inside LOL It sounds wonderful there. Now I just have to convince Matt to fly us to Jordan & we will have a wonderful place to stay! How is the weather?

  10. Love the blog. You need to taste the brain at least once :-)

  11. Love the blog!!! Do me a favor, when you're feeling extra homesick go to the Four Seasons hotel into the lobby bar and order a glass of wine and their small ceasar salad on a Thursday night. I don't know why but they have the absolute most amazing ceaser salad there. I still think about it. And they had this really funny band that sang 1980s American music on Thursday nights (Elton John etc.) kind of weird but funny at the same time. xo, B