Thursday, November 4, 2010

My garbage disposal... quite possibly the thing I miss the most about home. Besides my family and friends of course. Susie does a good job at getting rid of extra food, but much like Brian, she doesn't always eat her veggies. Other things that I miss already: Chipotle (yes, ALREADY!! I'll never make it 2 years), sour cream, fresh spinach, central a.c., good steaks.....I'm sure there are others but this will do for now. We are creeping up on a month already! Only 23 months left! Just kidding -- things are going fine now. I may start a job at a preschool here in Amman to fill my days. Apparently, a bachelors degree in Intel Studies, minor in Russian Studies and a Masters Degree in Government indicates that I'm qualified to teach 3-4 year olds their colors! In all honesty, I absolutely love children, and seeing all those kids reminded me of Jack, Livvy Bean and Elizabeth, so of course I felt all warm and fuzzy inside!! We'll see how that works for the forseeable future - I won't make much money at all, but it will get me out of the house!
Nothing else too crazy has happened to us yet - we really are still getting our bearings. We hope our last shipment of stuff comes in the next month or so, considering many of my winter clothes are in there! This was obviously my first time moving overseas because there are many things I will do differently next time!
That's it for now folks, sorry this wasn't too interesting! Will have a fun update for you next week I'm sure!
And happy early 30th birthday to my husband, Brian!!!!!!!!! You old man!!!!

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  1. see you do need a Automatic Composter Plus XE. I'm hoping for one for Christmas!