Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Groundhog Day???

I am convinced that I'm starring in my own version of Groundhog Day lately. Each day I wake up (now a bit earlier than before because Petra whines and cries and is ready to start her fun filled day early, meanwhile Susie is content to sleep in with me)....and I let the dogs out and start the painful process of breakfast. I then figure out what I'm going to cook that day, which is a challenge when your husband is a carnivore only. We *try* to eat a lot of paleo ( or primal ( but let's face it...I'm Italian and sometimes I just need a heaping plate of pasta and Brian is still a 7 yr old and just needs some chicken fingers, so it's a constant challenge to try to stick somewhat to a diet that goes along with our daily workouts. Which is next on my daily to-do.....working out. I've jumped on the Crossfit bandwagon with Brian finally...I have done it off and on for about a year but only since coming out here have I embraced it more regularly and taken it a bit more seriously. I've gained 2 lbs (DAMN IT!) but i'm hoping it's muscle. Brian is a certified crossfit trainer so he "trains" me, and when I am not busy swearing angrily at him for making me do something difficult or really heavy, I'm definitely getting better. This is the most consistently I've worked out but mostly that is because I basically have nothing else better to do. I also sneak into my friend's gym about once a week and get my yoga in, but I am missing doing that more frequently. I recently joked with a friend out here that I didn't even work out this much before my wedding!!

After working out, I come home and start dinner, Brian comes home, we eat, take the pups on a walk, etc etc and then each retire to our computers! Annnnd that's about it....I go to bed and start that all over again. I do have some things that break up my week, ie my social group or coffee with a friend but generally that's how I spend my days here in Amman! Dogs, grocery shopping, crossfit, cooking. Oh, and illegal dvds that we get for about $5 each.

Thank God I am returning to civilization soon!

pic below of petra and i hiking outside amman...


  1. T, even though I have 3 kids, we are in a routine, and I often feel like it's groundhog day too. You are not alone! And it won't be long until you can break up the monotony for a little bit!!! Maybe you could start a scrapbook from your adventures? Take up reading? Get back into your Ukranian eggs?

  2. Thera,

    I'm following along on your blog and living vicariously through you. :-) Have a safe trip back to the States! You've always got a friend in Texas!


  3. Hello,

    Loved the post especially the part about CrossFit. Where do you guys usually do your WODs?