Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wadi Rum

So, if you know me at all, you know I'm not terribly outdoorsy, but since we've been here and now have 2 dogs, I have become more adventurous by necessity. I bought Brian some camping gear for Christmas because I know how much he loves it! I think I once camped in my backyard at age 12, so we are quite different in that aspect.

Wadi Rum here in Jordan is probably the best place in the whole country to camp. It's a stunning "desertscape". Wadi Rum is located in South Jordan and is a large valley - the largest wadi (canyon) in Jordan. The movie Lawrence of Arabic was filmed here after T.E. Lawrence was based here and fell in love with it.

After traveling to get there for a few hours, we found a great place to set up our camp and turned the dogs loose. It was great to see them with so much space to run and play. The only tense moment all day was when a camel wandered into our camp. Neither dog was thrilled with this HUGE animal and barked ferociously at it. In return, the camel gazed serenely back at them and continued its exceedingly slow pace past us. Below are some pics of our camp and surroundings...

We went back to Wadi Rum last weekend with some friends. We are sure this will become a staple to our weekends, as it tires the dogs out for the next WEEK! to order some air mattresses....

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